Buyer Guide Of Wine Cooler For Home Bar

Aged wine collection is supposed to be most prized possession in your home bar. Therefore, a very carefully controlled storage area is required to store these expensive antique wine bottles. Wine coolers are designed specifically to maintain the wine at an appropriate temperature to ensure optimum aging. These compact devices also take care of the humidity levels required for the wine and also protects it from light which may harmfully affect the quality of the wine. Built-in wine coolers are becoming a popular thing among wine collectors. These are generally installed under the counter of a bar where it is easily accessible and are at less risk of getting overheated. You can explore some of the best under counter wine coolers on

Different types of built-in wine cooler options available are:
• Thermoelectric wine cooler: These energy efficient wine coolers are a silent machine which does not cause vibration. Thus, that irritable refrigerator compressor sound can be avoided. But these coolers are less effective if large quantities are stored, or it is placed in a room which is hot and does not have to air-condition.
• Compressor wine cooler: These work on the same phenomena as that of normal refrigerators. Very effective cooling and large capacity handling. The Certain drawback is it makes noise and vibrate a bit. Also, energy consumption is higher in these coolers.

Certain features to be checked out before buying a wine cooler are:

1. Space for installation: Since inbuilt coolers are generally placed on the counter, the exact dimension details and size should be first determined to avoid any hiccups on a later date.

2. Cost: Generally, compressor wine coolers are a bit expensive as compared to thermoelectric ones'. High capacity coolers are higher on price, but worth expenditure, since the wine which is stored is equally or more expensive than the equipment. With additional features like lights and touch, screen operations add cost to different models

3. Capacity available: Depending upon the no. of stocks you intend to maintain or the frequency of parties and get-togethers, you can choose models with higher capacity. Also, wine bottles of different makes have various sizes and shapes. Therefore, buying coolers which can easily accommodate all sizes and dimensions is better.

4. Zones offered: Certain wine cooler models come with multiple zones with varied temperature adjustments so that at the same time you can store different types of wines which require varied temperatures.

5. Appearance: Since it’s a part of your home bar, its outer appearance should really match and fit into the overall design of the structure. Wine coolers come in varied colors and styles. Some of the most attractive options are the ones with LED lights giving it a very classy and jazzy look.

6. Durability: Since buying a wine cooler is a cost-intensive decision, therefore it's important that the equipment lasts for some time. Hence one should not compromise on the quality of material used to build the cooler.

7. Electricity consumed: Like any other electronic gadgets, wine coolers also consume energy. Depending upon the capacity, cooling requirements, one can choose between thermoelectric and compressor wine cooler.

8. Noise generated: Usually compressor wine coolers make more sound and also vibrate and thermoelectric ones are quiet and stable once. Based upon your personal choice, you can buy any of the above.
With increasing passion among people to have a high-end bar at their place, so other interesting add-on features are also available in the market like touch screen temperature display, LED lighting and security locks to avoid any theft of expensive wine bottles any time.