You reflect you

We've discussed previously that your complete spectrum of skin artwork will, ideally, show your inner self to those about you.

A present fad in tattooing is the creation of pictures described as "Sacred Geometry". Though lately found by the tattoo community that is typical, the belief in sacred geometry seems to have existed for all of human history.

A geometric tat is chosen by some due to its own attractiveness. There's plenty of sophistication and, thus, lots of possibility for black & grey or colour though many SG's are black. The Sacred Geometry choice is made by others predicated on their admiration for its religious significance.

Sacred Geometry's spirituality is perceived to be a manifestation of the (unspecified) Originator's equilibrium in creation. The geometry is occasionally additionally appeared with by that originator's Eye. Circles, triangles, squares, diamonds, blocks and other patterns & designs - all or a few of these are combined, mated, blended and/or piled. Some consider that mixtures of 6, 4, 8, 10 and 20 triangles are emblematic of life's aspects. It can get so complex that some tattoo artists would rather skip it.

The equilibrium of the bit, particularly its symmetry, is not naturally unattractive.

When we say that someone has "a lovely face", we're in fact saying "their face is balanced". Ratio and percentage help define attractiveness. People magazine's 2014 "Most Wonderful Man" Lupita Nyong'o is the ideal example. Look at her face and you will see the ideal equilibrium of place, contour and proportionate size of her eyes, nose, eyebrows, lips, ears, etc.

The opposite is equally clear. Do a Google search for "most horrible man in the world" and should you dare look, you'll notice dozens of pictures of individuals like Marilyn Manson, Clint Howard and Lyle Lovett. Dearth of appropriate contour, percentage, ratio, and appropriate place of the many facial parts, through no fault of their own (generally), curse them as "horrible".